Choosing your photographer’s dream wedding venue, and yours too…

Look at the big picture: Are you equally in love with the ceremony site, reception venue AND photo locations. Will there be ample natural light in ALL these locations when they will be in use (photographers use a variety of lighting equipment but natural light will ultimately look the best and help the whole day run smoothly). There are no perfect wedding venues, but don’t settle for something you know you won’t be able to live with in the end.

Lush gardens are very popular locations, but don’t necessarily result in the best images. They often appear ‘busy’ on photos and may also have unsightly walls, fences and neighbouring buildings in the background.

A fairly open landscape close to sunset will give you those breathtakingly romantic images you most likely have pinned to your Pinterest wedding inspiration board. You don’t need to go to ten different locations to get a variety of couple’s photos, one or two carefully chosen ones will do the trick. Also, make sure that the locations for photo purposes are close together, to avoid the traveling back and forth eating into your precious photo time. Speak to your wedding coordinator, they should know all the great photo locations close by.

While most photographers can get gorgeous images in nearly any situation, it is best to try and tick as many of the above off your list beforehand.

Happy planning!

SpeakLove Photography

The image on the left was taken at some abandoned buildings close to the elegant Thabong Entertainment Wedding and Conference Venue, where the ceremony and reception took place; the image on the right was taken at the exquisite Riverside Country Estate.

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